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Rebuilding a capacitor (3)

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Wrap the ricepaper, starting at the still wet, lacquered end, around the capacitor. Because of the wet lacquer, the paper will remain fixed.

The ricepaper is wound around the capacitor about 3 times. Then it is glued into place. You can use "normal", quick drying glue here.

Top side of the "wrapped" capacitor. In the middle of the top is a little hole that has to be covered up..

Yes, that hole... Cover it up!

You best cover it up, using punched to measure circular ricepaper. Use about 3 pieces...

Each circular is fixed using lacquer.
An quick view on the used parts...

Then the snipped in ricepaper is bent back over circulars, which are in wet lacquer.

If sufficient parts are bent back to cover up the capacitor, the redundant parts are snipped off...

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