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Rebuilding a capacitor (2)

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Now the housing can be bend open, releasing the actual capacitor.

A look at the actual capacitor, a piece of rolled up paper with the electrolyt in between. Remove carefully the filings by blowing or by brushing...

Another picture of the capacitor, showing the removed housing in the foreground.

As you can see, the capacitor now easily fits into its new home.

Now we measure the height of the elctrolyt. This is done to cut to size a piece of ricepaper which protects the electrolyt against the hot beeswax. Ricepaper has best tonal qualities (no joke!).

The ricepaper is marked about 5mm bigger than measured to provide extra paper which can be folded over the top of the capacitor.

Cutting the ricepaper..

Then the ricepaper is snipped in at a 5mm interval. This is to ease up the folding later on.

The starting point of the ricepaper is now lacquered to ensure a good fix when wrapped around the capacitor..

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