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Below unsorted links as they were collected earlier on this site.

Unsorted links

Musical Affairs - Speakers and cabinets
Handcrafted speakers with extraordinary sound. A must-hear for classical and jazz music lovers.

6Moons - Audioreviews
Good reviews of audio equipment with even more interesting high res-pictures of the innards.

DIY Paradise
Interesting projects by Yeo. Amongst these the best dac Monica.. - Dutch online magazine
Online magazine in Dutch. Interesting tests and 2nd-hand corner.

Direct Heating by Sakuma
The society for audiophiles enjoying music through the Sakuma system.

Triodeel Dusty Files
A treasure of information about the hobby, including lots of diagrams.

Shine7 Audio DIY pages
Nicely built projects.

Steve's tube pages
Boost you knowledge to the next level with Steve's pages.

Oswalds Mill Audio
Tubes and speaker tastings.. Very nice pictures.

Sarris Info - Projects
Lots of projects, worthwile a visit.

Frank's Electron Tube data sheets
Comprehensive library of datasheets of almost all electron tubes..

Nelson Pass - (also) DIY on SS
Nelson Pass' amplifier designs are indisputable. I have an Aleph-M running! (and yes, it is one of my favorites)

Jerry Siegel's 10Audio
Informative site with reviews, projects and DIY.

Audio Consulting - Emotion in sound
Exclusive design in tube-gear. At the least interesting to visit.

Callas Audio - Focus on the music
Exclusive designs on audio-equipment.

Dave Slagle's Blog
Must read Blog for anyone who is interested in audio and humor.

DIY Audio Projects
Comprehensive site with many projects on DIY Audio, both tube and solid-state.

Dmitri Nizhegordov's audio projects
Tube projects as well as Spcie simulation.

Electronluv - HiFi vacuum age atomic audio
Jos Stippich's unique design in vacuum tube amplifiers. A must see!

AudioPrana - Site audiophile non conformiste
Site in French. Most interesting pictures and using a translate program, informative as well.

F2FO - Cluade Paillard
French site. DIY on the triode itself!

Headwize - Projects
Many projects on headphone amplifiers.

JC Morrison's Blog
Must read! Innovative tube-design by a (almost) living legend in tube-DIY.

Jimmy Auw's Junkyard
Jimmy has lot of projects, mainly on component level.

Pitch Perfect Audio
Informative Blog about audio.

Triode Dick's page
Many tube-projects, good design and clear pictures.

Quad ESL57 Loudspeaker repair and revision
Want your ESL's to be repaired or revised to the original specs with authentic parts?

Scintilla tube-amplifiers
Small site with some interestingly designed tube-amplifiers.

Shishido diagrams
Many amplifier designs by the legendary Nobu Shishido.

High-end audio and components for tube audio.

Amplimo - Toroid transformers
Toroid transformers for tube-audio. Also Svetlana tubes.

Angela Instruments
Supplier of thousands of hard to find items for musicians and tube audio enthusiasts.

DIY Paradiso - AquaBlue
Many parts for tube-DIY.

John Broskies Tube Cad Journal
John Broskies Guide to Tube Circuit Analysis and Design. A must read

The Valve Wizzard
Many tube designs explained. Very helpful in understanding these..

Western Electric Data sheets
Original datasheets by Western Electric.

Capacitor shoot-out (PDF)
Document in which lots of audio capacitors are auditioned.

Capacitor test by Humble Homemade Hifi
Lots of capacitors auditioned for use in speaker filters.

Note on coupling capacitors
Another capacitor test, on low- and high voltage.

Analog Tube Audio
Robert Graetke, SME - Garrard - MC-stepup - RIAA

Audio and Music Bulletin
Sound Fountain, for audio and music, analog and digital reproduction, audiophile recordings and vintage equipment

Hagerman Technology - Cartridge loading
A quick study of various phonograph cartridge loading conditions.

RJM Audio - Phonoclone
A very good sounding DIY MM- and MC RIAA amplifier for reasonable money.

Slatedeck Turntable plinths
A slate plinth for your turntable.

Soundsmith / Denon
Upgrades by Soundsmith for your Denon cartridge.

The analog dept.
Comprehensive website on analog.

Thomas Schick - Tonearm
A really high quality tone-arm designed and built by Thomas Schick.

Vinyl Engine - The home of the turntable
Comprehensive database on cartridges and turntables.

Thomas Mayer's Vinylsavor
Vacuum tube audio. Concepts, ideas, unusual circuits and tubes, directly heated triodes, LCR RIAA EQ.

Jac Music
One stop shop for tube electronics.

Baco Army Goods
Dutch dumpstore with lots of components..

Conrad NL
Online store for electronic components.

DIY HiFi Supply
Parts, Kits and lots more.

Frag Jan Zuerst - Ask Jan First
Components, tubes, transformers and lots more.

Hawk Audio
Kits and more.

K and K Audio
Lundahl transformers and audio kits.

Khozmo Acoustic
High quality audio and industrial attenuators.

KK PCB Design
PCB's for Passlabs amplifiers and other.

LDR attenuator
Light Dependent Resistors for the DIYer

the Parts Connexion
Online shop for parts, tubes and much more.

Thel Audio
Modules and parts for DIY.

Twisted Pear Audio
Parts, modules, kits and more.

Welborne Laboratories
Parts, kits and more.

Wires Co UK
Silk and cotton insulated wire.

European Triode Festival
The best yearly festival ever!

Tribute Audio Transformers
the final word in audiotransformers

Silvercore Audio
Transformers and kits in stainless steel. Great!

NFO - Interlinks
Interlinks out of Natural Fibers Only.

Triple M Audioshop
Equipment, parts and tubes.

Audio Life
High-End audio and the search for magic sound

Monolith Magnetics
Design and production of audio related magnetic products

DIY modules, kits and equipment.

VT52 . com
Great designs and diagrams.

Duncan Amps pages
Direct link to PSUD, a must have application.

Fullrange Drivers
Website on fullrange drivers and more.

Spectrum Audio
Fullrange speakers and more.

Tubestore Twente
Tubes and 2nd hand equipment.

Sowter Audio Transformers
All kinds of audio transformers.

Tubes for sale
Private seller of many tubes (or valves)

Lots of tubes (valves) for sale.

The Vintage Knob
Information about vintage audio.

Phono Phono
Need anything on analog?

TubeJack - How to tube radio's..

FM Tuner Info
Information about almost all tuners.

Ennemosers' C37 lacquer
Explanation about the C37 lacquer.

Information on how to tune your room.. (Dutch)

Crticism by Breem
Put your feet back on earth - Audio Myths dismantled (Dutch)

Calculate filters
Really helpful online calculation of different filter types.

Time Machines and Tube Amps
Clocks, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Planetariums

Roehrensite von Hans Borngraber (German)

Jogis Roehrenbude (German)
Comprehensive German site, from projects to collections.

Frank Moeller (German)
Roehren sind fur Elektroniker wieder INN.

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers by Steve White
Vacuum Tube Amplifiers by Steve White.

Roehrenklang (German)
EDERER, Handgefertigte Single-Ended Class-A Roehrenendstufen.

Deutsche Sakuma homepage (German)
Lassen Sie sich vom Zauber der direkt geheizten Trioden verfuhren.

Ritter Electronic systems
Ritter Electronic systems, mainly for Tube Amplifiers

ECP Audio - Do it yourself
Cut your teeth on DIY

Valves and HiFi Audio
Nice blog about building DHT preamps and amps

DIY graphite resistors
Make your own high quality graphite resistors

TAO of Tubes
Follow TAO on his way of enlightment in tube amplifiers and speakers

Aren's Attic
The finest signals come from a homebrew rig !

THL Audio
Terminator stop for fine audio parts & supplies

SYclotron Audio
Stuart Yaniger...

Audio Creative
The best sound to your ears

Een weblog over audio en muziek
Een weblog over audio en muziek door Emile Stoffels

Cover COmpany
Acrylic covers for your turntable. Perfectly assembled and affordable!