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6 Different SP/DIF interconnects (2)

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The cable is connects my cd-transport (CEC TL5100) and the "Nono-Dac". The reviews are done by three different people in three different sessions. Remarkably the results were almost unanimous.


Diy cable.

This cable flattens the soundstage resulting in a mediocre 3D presentation. Instruments are not that colorful however the tonal balance seems to be ok. Apparently this diy-project is not the top.

Kimber Illuminations V20.

Crisp and clear at the mids and highs, sometimes a little too bright. Broad soundstage, little depth however.. Low-response in not in balance with mid and highs; sounds a little "thin"...

Belden 1694A.

Very good tonal balance; low, mids and highs are equally displayed. Highs are never hissy, not spectacular. Excellent 3D presentation. Maybe thè cable to choose if you like "rest and balance"!

Van den Hul videolink 75.

Again a little disrupted tonal balance: lows are not in proportion to mids and highs... (less low). Good detail on mids and highs, never hissy and a good 3D soundstage.

Siltech HF-9 G3 (SPDIF).

Super detailled presentation of all frequencies, very good 3D soundstage with incredible depth. This combined with no fatique in listening, whats-o-ever! Everything this Siltech does seems to be allright!

I'd like to point out that these reviews are not meant to point out "the best cable"!! The contestors are too different in price, especially the Siltech. Good to see/hear that a good and affordable cable can be obtained at reasonable price. Also good to report that price and quality seem to go hand in hand... or: "Cheap is not good & good is not cheap"...

Prices/distributors (NL).
The reviewed cables:

Cable Price Where?
plm. €12,-
Kimber Illuminations V20 plm. €25,- (distributor NL)
Belden 1694A plm. €20,- Blue Jeans Cables (USA - import)
Van den Hul videolink 75 €49,- (distributor NL)
Siltech HF-9 G3 (SPDIF) €299,- (distributor NL)

The 6th cable??
This is a stange one... The Nono-Dac was converted for this cable: SPDIF to AES/EBU. This means as much as unbalanced 75ohms to balanced 110ohms. The digital interface (Crystal CS 8412) is also capable in receiving the AES/EBU standard with minimal adjustments. In stead of the RCA-connector the XLR-connector is used having 3 versus 2 contacts. The cable used is from Van den Hul and is assembled by myself...

Theory versus practice..
According to the "technicians" SPDIF is on paper a better standard for digital audio transfer than the AES/EBU standard. Reading al sorts of very enthousisastic reviews and report about balanced transfer I decided to let ears be the juror.... As with many things, theory is not always the practice...


Van den Hul AES/EBU.

I think that, in this case(?), the AES/EBU standard is a better standard than SPDIF, that is to my ears... Compared to the Siltech HF-9 G3 SPDIF this Van den Hul has a slighty bigger soundstage with Oh-so-fine micro details.. Harshness is totally absent and power is added to every detail. Very good 3D presentation, even on the bass! Almost explosive!


I stand tall in my opinion that ears sometimes hear different than technical specs. want them to do. Looking at technical specs. is a must but should not be an absolute guide!

Price and availability: see above at Van den Hul

ps. To be honest: I am VERY curious about the Siltech HF9 G3 AES/EBU!! Also available!!