audio with realistic timbre

Non-oversampling TDA1543 dac (NoNo-dac)

Definitive entering my system: the Nono-Dac.
After introducing this small dac into my system, I more and more began to apprecia it's tonal qualities. These qualities result from different design filosofies, being (a.o.): Non-over sampling, minimal use of components and a huge sealed lead acid cell (SLA) as power supply. The components are the best possible, for instance: BlackGate capacitors, mostly in super E-cap configuration. The analogue amplification output circuit is that from the TDA1543 itself, no added circuitry.. Output is around 0.9V at 0dB which is sufficient in my system. Maybe this value output is more realistic if compared to other sources...(?)

Built-in in my pre-amp...
Looking at the actual size of the pcb (8x6cm), the space needed was quickly found in my pre-amp. This makes it possible to connect the output wires directly to the source selector, thus spearing another interlink. An extra on/off switch on the pre-amp is the only indication that this is now in fact a "digital pre-amp"...

For further information look at Projects/Nono-Dac, a schematic of a similar circuit (Dac Attack) can be found here (pcb-layout Nono-Dac "patent" JP Scharff!)