audio with realistic timbre


Filter modules by Spatium Audio (3)
April 18th, 2016 16:15
After reading the 3 page intriguing introduction to Spatium Audio's products on 6Moons, I was a bit puzzled about the mere half page conclusion. It might be the fact that I am not a native English speaker nor reader, but I do not recognise Srajan's findings as I read them. Now one difference is that Srajan used a computer and solidstate equipment for the review where I use vinyl with tube equipment, but my guess is that this can not be the cause for the difference..
After experimenting a lot with Spatium Audio's devices, I am overly convinced that these devices do have a very positive effect on sound reproduction despite me not grasping 'how' this is accomplished.
So a word on how I ended up: The netfilter is best placed in series with source equipment, like the RIAA-amplifier or cd-player/DAC. The Room improver has to be placed at approximately 70cm height, centered and well behind the speakers. Optimal postion has to be determined by experimenting and depends on room-size and -shape.
If done correctly these will give you mirco-information, energy and silence from which the stereo image will benefit.. and on my magnitude scale to everyone I would rate it an eight.. That is everyone being involved so far, including some pig-headed sceptical engineers and women not caring about audio at all. All noticed differences in terms of naturalness and/or less fatiguing to the ear..