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March 20th, 2023 18:55
Just in this morning: A box full of vibration isolation devices from IK-Audio from Bulgary. Four types, three each, twelve in total. These look and feel very well made and breathe luxury. Craftsman Iliya sent
March 11th, 2023 21:52
Some time ago I discussed phono amplifiers with Peter from Audiomagic. In that dicussion he offered me to try out his tiny MC-pre-pre PCB, supposedly as good as the better SUT's. At ETF.22 this PCB was rea
February 26th, 2023 20:12
An unexpectred surprise: A vintage Supex SD-909 hot-rodded by Phonocraft. Unexpectedly good!
Read the full article including detailed photos of the rebuilding proces here.   Read more...
February 25th, 2023 11:37
Really enjoying the MC-pre-pre by Audiomagic. It has everything a really good mc step-up transformer has, even as quiet!
It has a 30dB gain and is already VERY convincing with the standard Leclanche caps.
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December 30th, 2022 19:21
Wrote an article on the "something-special" topic: A preamplifier with the huge RS282, a prestige project emerged out of curiosity. With Muse Coils transformers and a word on its sound by the maker o
December 11th, 2022 0:21
Well, the new project is up&running for a good month now, time to share.
The shown transformers are custom made by Muse Coils (Alexander Naydenov) and feature his signature: 90% snake oil and 10% measure
November 6th, 2022 8:49
Just got these MinotauR tranformers from Muse Coils and trying to make these into a preamplifier for ETF.22.  Gorgeous bespoke made..
Muse Coils transformers
September 15th, 2022 20:43
Here you can read a write up about how to DIY Lessloss CMARC™ bulk cable. This Lessloss cable has complex geometry and has supposedly very special specifications. Also not the easiest for DIY..