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Cartridge dance.. (2)
February 6th, 2021 10:27
And then came SPU (and winter).
I have a Meister Silver, for years now. Technically this should be a match to the heavy Wilking tonearm. So decided to take it out of its protective environment, it's tondose, in good German. Like all SPU's it has a hunchback, so at first I had to improvise with small spacers. Not ideal but good enough to get an idea. And a good match it is! 
Wilking offered to make me a fingerlift for the SPU and it now really sings!

The naked SPU Meister Silver mounted using metal spacers..
Wilking tonearm with naked SPU Meister Silver

Below the original and adapted fingerlift for the SPU cartridge.
Wilking fingerlift

The SPU Meister Silver mounted, fits perfectly!
Wilking fingerlift and Ortofon Spu Meister Silver

The SPU Meister Silver in action mounted under the Wilking tonearm.
Wilking tonearm with naked SPU Meister Silver