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New platter for the Wilking!
January 29th, 2021 22:14
Today the platter on the Lamed got replaced by Wim from Wilking turntables. The new platter is way thicker, thus heavier, weighing 25 kgs. That is 10 kgs more than the original platter. It is made out of solid aluminium with an 8 mm red copper topplate. A 12.9mm diameter axis supports the platter vertically while powerfull neodynium magnets levitate the platter horzontally. Only a small breeze is needed to let the platter spin. And it runs like forever..
Improvement in sound is substantial, energy and stillness, rhythm and candence, tone and timbre, all remains only more present. A full upgrade. Love it!

Wilking turntable heavy platter
The platter ready for installation. Magnet clearly visible.

Wilking turntables Lamed
The Wilking Lamed with original platter and 4 mm copper topplate.

Wilking turntables Lamed
The Wilking Lamed with upgraded platter and copper topplate!