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Cartridge dance..
January 24th, 2021 9:55
Recently I installed a second Wilking tonearm. This is fairly easily done as all the legs of the Wilking transport are suitable for mounting one. Reason is simple as well: curiosity. Nothing more, nothing less..
Wilking transport

The new RIAA-correction amplifier has two inputs, MC and MM. So my first idea was to hook up my Decca FFSS MK1 cartridge as well. To be able to use it on the tonearm, a replacement body was ordered. Promising as it is beautifully made out of ebony. This, however, turned out to be the buzziest affair ever. The Decca has high impedance and needs shielding all the way. No luck here..
Decca FFSS MK1 with ebony body

Than my friend put me on loan a longbody Koetsu Rosewood. This is a legendary cartridge, so being able to hear this in my system is fantastic. And a legend it is, as it plays with tone and emotion. A real treat to listen to. Quite an experience! Out of reach as well, also an experience..
Koetsu Rosewood longbody

At the moment an AudioNote Io1 is mounted. A red one (sounds better, lol). Since this is a very low output cartrdige, sufficient gain is needed. The new RIAA-amplifier has lots of gain, so this proofed to be no problem at all. The Io1 is a top performer. It has tone, it has emotion, it has energy, it is silent and exciting at the same time!
AudioNote Io1