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Final 2020 project..(5)
January 2nd, 2021 17:54
Finished the project. That is, it has been built and tested. But am not able to listen to it as I was mistaken by tube type. Thought I had some at hand but only one, and two are needed.
Well, anyway, I was able to test the circuit and came to the conclusion that my initial goal, no electolytics, can not be realised the way I planned. The circuit started to oscillate so had to be adapted. For now the only electrolytic will be present at the cathode of the first tube, the CF50.
Next week the missing tubes will be delivered, then a final check, and auditioning can start.

Overview of the finished amplifer. Compact build with big motor-run capacitors over the circuitry which also shields it.
Final 2020 project

And below some pictures of the finished amplifier.. Now you can clearly see that it consists of a CF50 at the input and a D3A at the output, biased by 0B2 (the one that is missing). I found it kinda funny as the CF50 and D3A are sort of the first and last pentodes developed for micro-signal applications.
Final 2020 project
Final 2020 project

Will report about sonics..