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DaVa's soulmate? MC step-ups by Darius!
December 5th, 2020 16:08
Just received..  a package from Lithuania containing a pair of mc step-up transformers! These are meant to be THE soulmate of Darius' fieldcoil cartridge. 
The DaVa FC-A1 mc-cartridge is from another world, really, it outperforms with ease any other cartridge that I've ever heared (quite a lot, I must add). It excells in dynamics and subtility with tone.
So now a step-up transformer is developed to match the FC-A1 perfectly. It has a whopping 1:50 step-up ratio to suit the very low output and is very low impedant. As can be seen on Darius' FB page it has wooden coils and design is by Eugene Komissarov.
These are built in round metal housings and have mu-metal shielding inside and are nicely finished in black wrinkle lackering with wires directly led out of suitable length. As I like it a handwritten instruction followed the package in an email. 
That is all needed to install without the need measuring using an AVO-meter, however Darius assured me that they would demagnetise themself after an hour of play.
As the round housings are a tad wider than the Hashimoto HM-3's footprint, I had to be a bit inventive installing these.. Ended up mounting them vertically right above the HM-3 holes in the chassis, giving me enough length from the wires to directly connect these to the rca-sockets and the CF50 grid-wires..
All done.
Now the FC-A1 is in direct contact with its soulmates. Being both from Lithuania they should speak the same language, so supposedly information will be exchanged more easily compared to their Japanese contenders? Do they danse a better rhythm together?
Time will tell.. Let the fun begin!