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New project's amplifier part coming along (5)
November 23rd, 2020 19:56
And so this project ends. Installing the mighty 845's in a preamplifier. Running at little less than 450 Volts on the plate at 46mA, good for little over 5 Watts output power when driven correctly. But this is not the case here, it will see maybe 10 Volts RMS at max and will only serve as preamplifer.
Anyway, this is of course a bit ludicrous.. using a power triode like the 845 on a preamplifier. But let me tell you that the sound is sooo powerfull and delicate at the same time without loss in tone. It is by far the best preamplifier tube ever used in my designs. Energy!!
And it is dead silent as well, built as written in my article about preamplifiers using power triodes. And of course the Coleman heaters add to that as well (bloody good stuff..).
So there it is..
DHTRob preamplifier
Preamplifier and power supply side by side..
DHTRob preamplifier
And operational next to the RIAA-preamplifier!
DHTRob preamplifier