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DIY Sasa Cokic RIAA (2)

Some images of the built prototype and innards..

Under the hood, mostly standard components used..

RIAA section with BlackGate NH capacitors.

Power supply with stock military capacitors.

Close-up of RIAA-section with silver mica caps.

Close-up of regulated powersupply.

Other angle, regulated power supply.

Other angle, RIAA section.

Close up 6N6 kathode section (actually resistors should be 2Watt eacht).

B-plus section of RIAA amplifier with BG NH.

NOS military surplus capacitors, 25uF plus 25uF each.

Diagram with OPT, same powerupply used as in the original.

Original powersupply by Trafomatic.

Redrawing of orginal PSU, clarifies some connections..

See next page for version with FET powersupply..

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