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Cyrus disc- and dac-master

Cyrus, nice combo - still up to date!!..

My CD-player is the Cyrus combo Disc- and DACmaster. I bought this player several years ago after a comparison test with many other players.. At that time this combo was sonically superior to all others. The price was like a little fortune, but, as with many things: "Cheap is not good" and "Good is not cheap". At that time the multi-bitters had clear advantage to the one-bitters, which now-a-days is not always applicable..

..Sowter 8347, nice replacement for original analogue output.. Through the years, this combo has proven to be the utmost stable factor in my system: I never even thought of looking for another player.. Yes, I must admit I made a modification in the analogue circuit.... I replaced "all after the converterchip" by a "simple"  Sowter 8347f DAC-output transformer. This one has a step up ratio of 1:18,7 and has a bandwith up to about 50kHz. That makes it possible to omit any analogue filtering, okay, on the scope few digital spikes can be seen, but putting in a filter does sonicaly more wrong than good... By the way, the digital spikes can not be heared.. Click here to read about the 8347f at Sowter. So, if it does not break down, this will be my player for many years more... What are you saying? SACD??  Maybe... I've heard a cheaper Sony, and was not struck by its sound, yes, it was good, but not better than my Cyrus! Taking the difficulties into account in acquiring the "software", I stay with my Cyrus for now...