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TianJin TJ 300B mesh-plate triode

..TJ300B globe "mesh" plate..Okay, why this tube? Well at first I must say that a 300B has not entered my system before. It is not that I don't like the 300B, it's simply a "heater-story". I like my powertubes heated on either AC or using a double current source. With a 5V heater on AC, hum will be inevitable (on 93dB systems plus). And if you look at the 300B's current for a current source, it is hardly a solution... Luckily there was a Chinese firm named TianJin, and they produce a 300B with 2,5V heater. This is a, as they call it, 2A3 replacement... Is it?? It is electrically a 300B.... However, that is why this tube ended up in my system.

I first saw and listened to this tube at a friend of my. New out of the box the TJ was at least as good as the Sovtek 2A3 and AVVT2A3! Wow! When a few days later that friend told me he was going to sell the TJ's, I had no second thoughts: I bought them!

I like the 45, in fact, that is my favourite! UX245 and 45ST. What this tube does with mids and highs, is a one-of-a-kind! Yes, it lacks power (is it really?), but this is merely a choice between a bit more power and lots of detail plus sweet mids and highs.It wasn't that hard! Well, we've all read the 300B shootout by Thorsten Loesch (have we?),and were all a bit disappointed in missing the AVVT(JAC), VAIC and KR 300B's... But I must agree with Thorsten: this tube really out-'45's the 45!. I never ever experienced better soundstage with both detail and colour in detail as well as power using this TJ!

I listened to this tube using different adjustments: In my opninion this tube is really magical at a 400V B+, 60mA Ip using a 1K kathoderesistor. The 60mA is the key here: If it is more pushed into current, its sound gets rougher, when lowered it sounds darker... Try it! What the TJ likes however, is a driver with balls (a real 300B after all). I first used the UX120 to drive my 45 and thus this tube. That sounds good, but if you use a real driver, you'll get instantaneously rewarded! Did I say driver? Try a powertube here! (45??), interstage 1:2 connected, and you don't believe that you could listen to all that previous, mediocre shit....
To all 2A3SE owners: This can be a real upgrade!!