audio with realistic timbre

Several FullRange Philips units

..unknown type, Philips made??.. Listening panel of 4 "addicts":

Music used:

Units in test:

Description of the Units:

Ad12202 on top, "unknown" left and 9762M right.  4th in test: 9710M

There where four sessions, each session comprised the four musicfragments. Thoughts were noted during listening (each apart). Afterwards we discussed the different units and their "sounds". Equipment used is: CyrusDiscmaster, modified CyrusDacmaster (modified analogue part only), pre-amp with Siemens Aa choke-load (Lundahl) Ultra-tone 0.1mF out, power amps with UX171A insterstage coupled (Tamura SS351) to TJ300B Mesh using Plitron OPT's (5K). Interlinks are home-made, silver-foil with cotton braid insulation and speaker cable are PHY's (pure copper/silver plated, cotton insulated).



  1. AD12202
  2. 9710M
  3. "Unknown"
  4. 9762M



Received following e-mail:

"Dear DHT_Rob,

The unit in question is also a 9762, of course without the M of the other 9762M you used in your test.
Units in test:
* Philips 9762M,
* Philips 9710M,
* Philips AD12202 and
* Philips typenumber unknown, so being referred to as "Unknown" in this test.(if anybody recognises the unit: Please let me know!)
It is a pitty that you couldn't use an AD5200M - the successor of the 9762M, same dimensions, same magnet, same high efficiency, but an amasingly good wideband speaker from the sixties. Philips continued that line towards the AD12202, which was able to handle a much larger power (100W as opposed to 20W) and may well be the best driver ever made by Philips.

Lodie Vote.