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Alesa Vaic AV304M mesh triode

...the AV305M and his driver - the CA... The AV305M is almost equivalent to the "normal" 300B and is fully compatible. The most remarkable thing about this tube is the use of "mesh" as plate material. The mesh plate is supported by extra add-ons made out of Alesa Vaic's new and patented metal being used as platematerial in his "ref"-series. These add-ons help dissipate the plate as well make it more rigid. Further on a different type number is used since the amplification factor is slightly higher than the original 300B. The finshing of this tube is good and is inspiring confedence...

This impression is written by Cees Piet, who has extensively listened to this tube and compared it to the VaicVV300B and TJ300B mesh. The AV305M is used as powertube and its filament is DC fed:

...mighty powertriode with "balls"... "Lately DHTRob came to me with a pair of brandnew powertriodes, type AV305M, with the intension to give these a try as Rob thought that these tubes could be "it" for me........ As service in return I had to write down my findings. I am playing with the VAICVV300B, "Emission Labs" now-a-days, for quite a long time now and these tubes have a good reputation. After having the tubes unpacked from their bomb-proof packing, I compared them to the VAIC 300B's. Referring to model and dimensions these could be brothers; solid glassbulb and good weight. These are tubes written in capitols. For each tube a ceriticate of guarantee, signed by Alesa Vaic himself, is available. So far the simularities as the AV305M has a totally different inner structure, namely the "old-fashioned" mesh plate, for many tubelover the ultimate seduction due to the evident sonical benefits. Beside that, the 305M has slightly more gain: 4.3 in stead of the usual 3.9.

..meshplate with add-ons for extra dissipation.. Okay, so far very interesting, but is this "just another 300B-alike product", or has the 305M more to offer? After a burn-in period of about 30 hours my answer is clear: Yes! Where the VAICVV300B was my favourite and was the TJ a real runner-up, both have met their superior. In detail, dynamics, control, pinpointing and stereo image, the 305M is very special with an extra bonus that a mesh-plate has to offer!! And all of this at an adjustment of 350V @ 62mA, which means that this tube will last as long as a lifetime. As to me: Respect for Alesa Vaic, who made it possible for us to listen to this "Mesh with balls"!! " 

Meanwhile these 305M's are Cees' property: He would'nt let me take them out of his monoblocks.... sigh.
For more information on these tubes, look at Alesa Vaic's web-site:

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