audio with realistic timbre


Ed amplifier in the making (2)
September 9th, 2018 12:49
Got it sorted out, sort of..  Now using an E424 driver, platechoke loaded (!) and capacitor coupled to the Ed. Capacitor is a Jupiter copper foil, one of the most natural sounding caps available. Plate choke made by Vlaartronic (>200He at 10mA).
For comparison a pair Philips AD1 will be put in next week.
Does the Ed jusitfy it's asking price nowadays? Although that is a budget issue, I do not think so. Yes it is special for sure, it has magic and addicitive sound, but 4K for a pair? (seen at eBay).
Would be interesting to compare to the EML AD1..  
Ed E424 Single Ended amplifier Jupiter copper foil capacitor Vlaartronic plate choke