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E80F phono-design with EC8010
October 29th, 2017 10:30
Redesigned the E80F RIAA-correction amplifier into a low impedance output design, kinda like the D3A version but without CCS-load. To be honest I was curious about the EC8010 and had some parts at hand: plate-chokes and 5:1 parafeed step-down transformers by Mug, and also 2uF Western Electric condensers. These all about just fitted the small chassis, including the Tamura TKS-27 input transformers used as MC step-up. Soundwize this design outperforms the earlier designs using E182CC/5687/D3A output stage. It also looks neat, I think..  Soon a write-up about it.
Phono E80& and EC8010
Phono E80F and EC8010