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Musical Affairs' final speaker system..
June 3rd, 2017 10:51
A posthumous tribute to Hans Kortenbach of Musical Affairs. His last unfinished speaker project comprising a bigger cabinet supporting an unusual choise of modified EMS units: The B15EX for low-end response and the LB7EX for higher frequencies. A video of Hans explaining the plans can be found here on youtube although the tweeter choice altered later. Of course this project was in close partnership with Cees Pel of Pel Audio who decided to retire when Hans passed away. Which is sort of sad as well. However Cees and me decided to finish this last project as a tribute to Musical Affairs. So retired Cees put together the last unit and tuned (braced) the cabinets to perfection. I mainly helped by pouring in whiskey and listening to music.
Very sad that Hans is not among us anymore to hear these playing, as they really can be regarded as the most mature speaker system ever built by Musical Affairs and Pel Audio. Chapeau!
Musical Affairs Pel Audio Grand Appassionata
And me being so privileged to have these playing in my room..