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Open baffles
August 14th, 2015 15:19
Finally ready! Amazing sound by small open baffles with EMS fieldcoil units.. 
Open baffles Musical Affairs PEL EMS
Wood used for the baffles is the finest Oregon Pine, design by Pel Audio, made by Musical Affairs. Measuring appr 70cm by 80cm, I get response down to 43hz in my small room (5x5m). Not bad at all..  ;-)
Units are the LB12EX and MA5EX from EMS, both fieldcoil units. These have been modified by Pel Audio, replacing original surrounds and spiders for optimal interaction with low-powered valve amplifiers.
Open baffles Musical Affairs PEL EMS
Open baffles Musical Affairs PEL EMS
Incredible 3D stage with natural tone and superb highs. Speed is phenomenal.. 
Oh, life is good.. thing left to do: Lacquering using shellac..