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SPU Royal N
August 3rd, 2015 10:52
Recently traded in: A SPU Royal N. As I was curious about its performance in my Schick tonearm because this cartridge is the one used in the SPU Royal GM and is placed in the upper segment of the Meister Silver..
SPU Royal N with Yamamoto headshell
In contrary to the Meister Silver this one needs a headshell. Fortunately I still have the blackwood Yamamoto headshell. Using some quality headshell wiring it was mounted and could be played at the same tracking angle (coincedental?). Just by lowering the tracking force to 3 grams it was ready for playback (Yes, lowering.. the Meister needs 4 grams)
SPU Royal N and Yamamoto headshell
So, what about sound? Well, a different sound it is.. Where the Meister is more full-bodied and crisp in the higher frequencies, the Royal N is more light footed and a has bit more coherent tone. I guess that has to do with the use of silver against copper wiring? Listening to both cartridges I do not have an explicite preference, it  certainly is fun swapping from time to time because both are really good cartridges.. But knowing that I have a sort of luxury problem (in this case), I would recommend the Meister when you have a preference in full-bodied sound with extended highs and the Royal N when imaging and tone suits your taste best..