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A wooden turntable mat (2)
February 22nd, 2015 21:00
A while ago I pursued Hans from Musical Affairs to make a turntable mat out of Spruce or better: Fichte. This turned out to be a really good accesory.. Lately I was in his workshop and spotted a thin slice of Padauk, a reddish African wood perfectly suited for making marimba's. Could this be suitable for a turntable mat as well? I convinced Hans in making one and so it ended on my Garrard 301..
About the same thickness as the Fichte mat, so swapping it quite easy..
Padauk turntable mat
Padauk turntable mat
As said the Fichte adds tone and so does Padauk only slightly different. As all accesories have to add quality to the system that implies that you have to like it.. And so it happens that i favor the Padauk mat over the Fichte mat. It has fuller tone and more speed compared to the Fichte mat whilst retaining that organic character. Love it!
Hans said that he has Padauk to make only 3 more, unfortunately.. at about 150 Euros each..