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Wilking tonearm - all copper versions
December 13th, 2020 13:54
Last Friday Wim from Wilking high end turntables delivered a full copper version of his already magnificent tonearm. Knowing how difficult it is to mill copper, my jaw dropped. Look at the pictures to see for yourself.
Why all copper? Well, copper has tone, lots of tone. So curiously I discussed with Wim the possible effect of adding copper to the most sensitive part of the audio set, the tonearm. Wim bravely accepted this challenge and made two copper versions, 14" and 16" long. The 14" is already installed in his system, carrying a Sumiko cartridge, and playing convincingly. How will the 16" version perform in my system carrying the DaVa FC-A1? Let's find out!

Wilking tonearm
Two copper versions ready for delivery, 14" and 16" long.

Wilking tonearm
The 16" version installed on the Wilking Lamed turntable.

Wilking tonearm
Copper headshell mount with aluminium finger lift carrying the DaVa FC-A1.

Wilking tonearm
Full copper tonearm base and counterweights.