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Power distributor Musical Affairs
December 7th, 2014 13:15
Just in for an impression: A power distributor by Musical Affairs. The idea for the technical basis was supplied by STS-Digital, hence the nameplate.
Musical Affairs power distributor
Musical Affairs power distributor
This distributor features 1 inlet and 6 outlets, all by Furutech. It is made out of American walnut and Bubinga. The distributor is shielded throughout with even shielding for the plugs. A minor disadvantage is that the powercords have to be inserted and removed by pushing/pulling the cable instead of by the plug. Advantage is that the plugs are now sort of shielded since most power cords feature a shielded cable with unshielded plugs..
Musical Affairs power distributor
Well, put in place replacing my Furutech power distributor it is time to listen to it..