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Sold my beloved Garrard 301
September 26th, 2020 9:50
Please make me a realistic offer if you are interested? 
It is an oil bearing and has schedule 51400/2 in creamy white orginal lacquer with some minor chips at the front and side. It has an Audiosilente idler wheel (2019) and a brass platter (8kgs) and bearing by Classic Hifi Co UK (2016). All technically in superb condition. Motor is running very silently whithout vibrations. Apart from the upgrades it still is as delivered in the 60'ies. All original parts included.
I comes with a two 12" and 9" arm plinth from Das Plinth (2018) which is like new and measures 65x46x13cm. Total weight is around 30kgs including the 301 and platter.

The reason for selling can be found in my previous post..
Garrard 310 for sale