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New RIAA-correction power supply
May 31st, 2020 11:12
After some trial (and error!) a new power supply for the riaa-correction amplifier has been running for a month now. I was looking for a circuit using the same era tubes as the CF50 and AC2 being used in the riaa-correction but ended up redesigning a Philips power supply unit dating from 1946 (the GM4560). This turned out really well as it regulates better than the EF86 and EL84 combination being used before. Also I do love the look of the used neon stabilising tubes.
If there is any interest I will do a write up as time is eating me alive at the moment.
tube regulated power supply
It uses the AZ4 as recitfier, an EL6 as pass through and EF6 as regulating tube, stabilised by two neon tubes.
tube regulated power supply
Chassis is American walnut with copper faceplate. It is flanked by the preamplifier's power supply using RGN1404 rectifiers.