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ETF.19 - the end.. (3)
November 18th, 2019 10:02
Back home with very nice memories thanking Tim and his team for the tremendous effort once again put in the ETF at Belleme.
This years shoot-out for me was a big success. The interaction needed in the weeks before ETF to put up a system for me added value to ETF: Where I normally just decide to bring things, now we had intensive correspondence to form a system. In the end Menno, Guido, Peter and me hooked up a system consisting of Guidos' CD-player (acrylic display model), Peters' pre-amplifier (ECC35 design), Mennos' power amplifier (Trans18) and my speakers (all field-coil openbaffle). This system performed with magic that you only can wish for. I must add that we were fortunate with the listening room: a living room just like at home.
Of course we aimed for best sound but the Norwegians beat us all on that. Congrats to them. We ended up with the trophee for best design, although not aimed for, a big reward for the effort put in!
JC and his team won the innovative part and the French the best music part.
I put up the last part of photos I made and  that concludes this years ETF.
Already looking forward to next year!