audio with realistic timbre


January 29th, 2021 22:14
Today the platter on the Lamed got replaced by Wim from Wilking turntables. The new platter is way thicker, thus heavier, weighing 25 kgs. That is 10 kgs more than the original platter. It is made out of soli
January 24th, 2021 9:55
Recently I installed a second Wilking tonearm. This is fairly easily done as all the legs of the Wilking transport are suitable for mounting one. Reason is simple as well: curiosity. Nothing more, nothing les
January 6th, 2021 9:08
Yesterday the missing vr-tube was delivered by mail. After installing it and checking voltages the amplifier was hooked up and auditioned with postitive result. Some more days are needed for a final judgement a
January 2nd, 2021 17:54
Finished the project. That is, it has been built and tested. But am not able to listen to it as I was mistaken by tube type. Thought I had some at hand but only one, and two are needed.
Well, anyway, I w
December 31st, 2020 22:38
All components are placed and chassis is ready to slide into the wooden chassis. As always I like to be able to take the metal part out of the wooden chassis for service (or mods).

Input wiring, both MM and
December 30th, 2020 16:44
European p-socket contacts made operational, time for looks with tubes installed..
Final 2020 project

Mounted the switch for MM/MC selection and put in an array of solder lugs. These will be needed for input- and output wiri
December 29th, 2020 12:43
All the holes are there so building can start..
Because of the size of the transformer enclosures, a mirrored set-up is choosen to please the eye as well. Tamura TKS-27 step-up transformers are in place as we
December 27th, 2020 12:31
My last project for this year. Ready to be within a few days and built using stock components as the post has proven to be terribly slow during these holidays and the lock-down situation.
It will be a RIAA-corr