audio with realistic timbre


May 15th, 2022 20:08
Oh yes, and now the platter was in the spotlights.
We listened to the Delta, the new turntable with a triangular shape, with both an solid alumunium platter with copper top and a copper sandwiched platter. Th
March 5th, 2022 12:19
Got some new RS55. Newer type from same production. Visual difference would be anode material, the type I has a nickel anode where this type II has a perforated (mesh?) grey (carbonised?) anode. Looks intri
March 4th, 2022 13:03
Did a write-up about replacing my stainless steel headshell screws for knurled head brass ones..  Heavier for sure!
Brass headshell screws  
February 19th, 2022 20:39
Two new posts around Monolith Magnetics line-out transformers!
An article about a new preamplifier using one of the very first transmitting triodes, the Telefunken RS55. Almost no components! And secondly a   Read more...
February 14th, 2022 23:11
I am selling my near mint Takumi. It has very low hours as at the time I bought it a few weeks later the Dava FC-A1 fieldcoil cartridge arrived and became my primary choice.
More information on my for sale pa 
February 7th, 2022 21:27
Some more pics of Wim (Wilking) installing the Aleph in my listening room.
Wilking in action
Wilking in action
February 5th, 2022 21:02
Out with the Lamed, in with the Aleph, as per conclusion after a very nice midday with some friends.
The Aleph is actually a bigger and heavier version of the Lamed. Weight difference is around 30 kilos partl
February 4th, 2022 16:27
It is finished and now playing for some hours to great joy I must confess..
This one is a LCR riaa-correction based phono preamplifer. Actually a quite simple design being two voltage amplifying stages with