audio with realistic timbre


November 15th, 2014 19:54
Sakuma style: Use a power tube for driving a power tube.. In this case EL3N driving an EL3N. Both triode connected. Driver EL3N CCS loaded and led-biased, power tube EL3N with auto-bias using resistor an
November 8th, 2014 16:57
Just in.. AudioNotes flagship capacitor Kaisei. Most likely developed to fill in the BlackGate WKZ gap and also manufactured by Rubycon as noted on the cap itself..
AudioNote Kaisei capacitor
Really curious about their performance 
October 31st, 2014 23:16
Just for fun some pictures of different brands type 37 having different electrode structures. Friend Cees came along with some globe versions and I had the ST-shaped on stock..
Triode type 37
As you can see the type 37 is  
October 13th, 2014 9:43
Traded in, a pair Sophia Electric 300B's with carbon anode. Very unusual as the 300B originally never was produced with a carbon anode. You might even have some scepsis about the use of carbon at p  Read more...
October 4th, 2014 21:33
This month a whopping 25 percent discount on all valves when ordering for 30 Euros or more (post & package excluded).
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October 4th, 2014 21:22
Switched to an easier to use script for posting blog articles..
The old posts will be kept intact for reference purposes. If needed, you can visit my old blog posts here.   Read more...