audio with realistic timbre


September 26th, 2020 9:50
Please make me a realistic offer if you are interested?
It is an oil bearing and has schedule 51400/2 in creamy white orginal lacquer with some minor chips at the front and side. It has an Audiosilent
September 25th, 2020 13:16
Last week I was given the opportunity by Wilking to test two of his transports, the Ayin and Lamed, being able to use my own tonearm and cartridge and compare it to my good old Garrard 301. Way to go! Long st
September 6th, 2020 12:54
Wrote an article to do just that without hiss, hum or microphony..  Suitable both for power triodes and the older triodes.&nb  Read more...
August 21st, 2020 21:22
Yesterday evening we were priviledged to be able to swap different brands AD1. My friend brought a pair Telefunken and a pair Siemens where I had a pair Philips and Tungsram at hand. Although equivalents
August 11th, 2020 22:31
Playing now for a few weeks: a preamplifier built with transformers on nano-crystalline cores. It is a simple design, input transformer, amplification, step-down line transformer and autoformer for attenuation
June 26th, 2020 9:39
I seldom link projects or articles but this is an exception. Please visit Ale's website and read his just published article on a 300B Single Ended amplifier. It IS different from most other 300B designs see
June 5th, 2020 22:43
Took me some time to match it with my DV505 tonearm, but succeeded! And how! First impression is that it is astonishingly good..  Now let it play for some time, learn it, taste it, read it, feel it. Before
May 31st, 2020 11:12
After some trial (and error!) a new power supply for the riaa-correction amplifier has been running for a month now. I was looking for a circuit using the same era tubes as the CF50 and AC2 being used in the